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Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser (2 PCS)

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Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser (2 PCS)

Let your bed-making experience be a lot easier and quicker than ever with this mattress lifting and sheet tucking tool! 

This handy bed sheet fixer adopts a 30° slanted feature that can stably raise mattresses’ up alone with a 7 cm gap. It enables you to easily operate with both hands for pulling out sheets, adjusting, or even inserting the linens in a breeze. What’s more? It has a flattened end that can smoothly fit through tight bed corners or edges for neatly fixing bed sheets. Providing you a professional-like freshly made bed each time you woke up to keep the unwanted creases and wrinkles at bay. No more unnecessary heavy bed lifting and the struggle of bending low to fix sheets that only strains wrists, neck, back, waist, and such. 

The 2-in-1 bed lifter provides a conveniently light feature and a non-slip, ergonomically designed handle. It delivers an excellent maneuverability and secured gripping without sacrificing comfort to avoid any sort of hand fatigue. Moreover, this bed fixing tool is completely smooth so you can confidently lift and tuck anytime with not a single snagging or damage. Suitable home bedrooms,  guest room beds, hotels, apartments, dormitories, resorts, airbnb, and so much more. Made with premium materials that boasts to withstand long years of usage without wearing off or rusting. 

Dip into a 5-star hotel quality tucked in bed everyday using this mattress lifting and sheet fixing tool!   


  • Bed Sheet Organizer
    A high-performance, 2-in-1 tool that is specially designed to effortlessly lift up mattresses and even quickly tuck in sheets. It features a 30° slanted style that can stably raise an impressive 7 cm gap for a much easier linen adjusting, pulling out, or insertion. Moreover, this sheet organizer tool comes with a flattened end that can successfully fit through the tightest of bed corners and edges. Allowing it to neatly slide sheets and tuck them in place under the mattress one-handedly to fix them securely. Saving you from lying down in messy, wrinkly linen beds that always slip off as you toss and turn during bedtime. 

  • Easy No-Pain Bed Fixing
    This clever bed sheet fixer tool promotes extra toughened qualities that can raise a heavy mattress stably for a prolonged period. All you have to do is to slide it in to elevate without requiring effort or the strength to lift bulky bed weights. It also provides a lengthened design so you can tuck in sheets as far as possible for more security without having to difficulty bend down. No more repetitive harmful lifting and the struggle of sheet finishing that only strains wrists, neck, back, waist, and other injuries.   

  • Ergonomic Design
    The mattress lifter and tucker tool is super lightweight and it supplies a convenient non-slip handle. Providing you a comfortable, secured gripping and easy maneuverability even for those experiencing sweaty palms. What’s more? It can be used for fixing multiple mattresses without hand fatigue, muscle strains, tightness, and other discomfort. The handle can also be hung into walls and different hooks after use for a neat, space-saving storing.

  • Wide Application
    This 2-in-1 bed fixing tool can work effectively for different mattresses and bed sheets. Suitable at-home bedroom use, guest room beds, hotels, apartments, dormitories, resorts, airbnb, and more possibilities. The mattress lifting and sheet tucker tool is also compact in size so you can neatly tote it in without taking up space. It enables you to simply make the several tiresome minutes of fixing beds into seconds with minimal effort anytime, anywhere you are!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, environmentally-friendly ABS plastic material that boasts an excellent long-lasting durability. It has an ultra-smooth overall feature which allows it to smoothly glide and fix beds without scratching, snagging, or causing any damages behind. Furthermore, this unique 2-in-1 tool promises to help you out for multiple years without breaking, deforming, or rusting.    
  • Material: ABS 
  • Size: 

  • 2 PCS x Easy-lifter Mattress Riser

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