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Cithway™ Car Seatbelt Comfort Adjusting Cover

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Cithway™ Car Seatbelt Comfort Adjusting Cover

Say goodbye to shoulder strain and slide to your vehicle’s safety strap in perfect comfort with this universal car seat belt adjuster!

A fantastic solution that can be easily clip onto your car’s seat belt so you can adjust and correctly position the belt to your comfort. Saving you from the soreness and annoyance caused by the belt hitting or squeezing your neck, stomach, and even the face. Allowing it to stop constant rubbing and tensions to prevent irritations, discomfort, chafing, and the risk of neck injuries during harsh brakes. What’s more? This handy adjuster can also help in keeping the seat belt tightly secured and extra safe to avoid unwanted stretching or moving. A great companion for passengers and drivers especially for youngsters and those with smaller stature. 

This car seat belt adjuster can accommodate all standard belt widths from up to a maximum 50mm. Simply open the adjuster, attach it to the seat belt, slide it sideways until the belt does not cut the neck and shoulder anymore, and done. No worries as this clever adjuster can be left onto the seat belt and can also be conveniently clipped from one car’s seat belt to another. Suitable for different vehicles that come with safety belts, including sedans, vans, minivans, trucks, SUVs, pickups, bus, and so much more. Made of premium material with an excellent long-term durability that withstands years of daily usage without damaging or wearing-off. 

Make every road trip extra relaxing without compromising safety using this universal car seat belt adjuster!


  • Seat Belt Adjuster
    A handy seat belt adjuster that can be directly and easily clip onto the belt itself and be correctly positioned to your comfort. Allowing you to easily guide the belt away from annoyingly hitting or squeezing your neck, stomach, and even the face. No worries as it can be freely adjusted to your desire without sacrificing safety and security. Providing you an all day long comfortable, relaxing road trip experience. It can suit any individual and help especially those youngsters who are still too short for the seatbelt or those with smaller stature.

  • Extra-Safety Performance
    This corrective adjuster does not only reduce the discomfort caused by the seat belt, but it also keeps the belt tightly secured in place and stops movements and stretching. It can even assist you in controlling and removing the tension of the seat belt and stops unwanted rubbing against the belt and the skin. Eliminating the risk of irritations, discomfort, chafing, and worse from various neck injuries especially during sudden turns or emergency brakes. 

  • Easy Installation
    The clever seat belt adjuster offers a straightforward design which allows it to be installed in no time without the complicated methods anymore. Simply open the adjuster, clip it shut to your car’s seat belt, slide left and right into your desired position, and done. This protective adjuster is slim so it won’t cause any sort of obstruction on your seat and the seat belt during drive. It can also be conveniently left on the seat belt so you won’t have to constantly carry and forget it!

  • Universal Compatibility
    This car seat belt adjuster can accommodate and fit securely through all standard seat belt widths from up to a maximum 50mm. Suitable for different vehicle types that have seat belts, including sedan, vans, minivans, trucks, SUVs, pickups, bus, and more possibilities. The universal seat belt adjuster can be freely slid anytime without slipping out to ensure the driver or passenger’s overall safety and comfort. What’s more? It is super compact and slim to be carried around easily and quickly switch from one car’s seat belt to another.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest quality, PU leather materials that boasts an excellent long-lasting durability performance. It can withstand multiple years of daily belt adjustment without damaging or loosening grip. Furthermore, this automotive seat belt adjuster can be constantly slid without leaving harm or causing early wearing to the belt. 


  • Material: PU Leather
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  • 1 x Cithway™ Car Seatbelt Comfort Adjusting Cover

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